Lupe Pérez García

Lupe Pérez García | Spain | 2014 | 64 min. | V.0. Spanish subtitled in English

What is, nowadays, the sense of making Antigone to emerge from her millenary lethargy? The amorphous wo- man follows an older, chaotic law, both animal and tribal at once. Now that war is over, the birds call her from the edge of depths: -Tonight you will bury your brother -they say-, since we have already covered him in kisses. Her rebelliousness before human law is an attempt to the rationality of a Nation, a proof of love that drags her to the dead’s land: the homeland of her brother, the homeland of her father. Only when there is a vibration between the spirit and the world, Antigone awakes. 

Direction, Script y and Editing: Lupe Pérez García

Cinematography: Juan Barrero

Music: Gala Pérez Iñesta

Sound: Eva Valiño

Cast: Gala Pérez Iñesta, Sibel Tresaco Lera, Francisco Javier Lera Terés, María Lera Gracia

Production: Barbara Muschietti, Cristina Lera García, Juan Barrero 

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