Triana pura y pura

Triana pura y pura

Ricardo Pachón

Ricardo Pachón | Spain | 2013 | 82 min. | O.V. Spanish

In the 50s, the gypsies in Triana were thrown out of the neighborhood. In 1983 they got back together for their last big celebration. This previously unseen joyous film celebrates the end of an “indomitable lineage” in a unique evening of flamenco and delight transformed into an ode to a lost world. A priceless documentary that reminds Seville that it once had an illustrious gypsy area and that, when it lost that, it lost its flamenco swing.

Direction: Ricardo Pachón

Cinematography: Juan Manuel Linares, Mariano Agudo

Editing: Mercedes Cantero

Sound: Jose A. Manovel

Cast: Raimundo Amador, Manuel Molina, Matilde Coral, José Lérida

Production: Gervasio Iglesias, Ricardo Pachón



15/nov / TLDV / 21:00


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