Los Hijos

Los Hijos | Spain | 2013 | 61 min. | O.V. Spanish and Ubi subtitled in Spanish and English

Using an essay style and letting themselves be carried along by a productive free association of ideas, Los Hijos trace a journey thought the different ways in which the human being deals with what is built around him. The triptych begins in Guinea, in search of the oral legends and history of a people who resisted colonialism in very peculiar ways. This is followed by a hot afternoon, clammy and unsettling, spent by a family shut away in what seems to be an apartment on the outskirts of Madrid. And it ends with a couple (the same one as at the start of the film) who talk, trying to face the challenges of a complicated present with few perspectives for the future.

Direction: Los Hijos (Javier Fernández Vázquez, Luis López Carrasco, Natalia Marín Sancho)
Script: Los Hijos
Cinematography: Los Hijos
Editing: Los Hijos
Sound: Los Hijos
Cast: Antonia Silebo, Pilar Loheto, Diana Tijerín, José Alberto Vallés, Carlos López Carrasco
Production: Los Hijos

11/nov Ave 5 / 22:15
12/nov Ave 5 / 17:30

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