Though I Know The River Is Dry

Though I Know The River Is Dry

Omar Robert Hamilton

Omar Robert Hamilton | Egypt, Palestine, United Kingdom | 2013 | 20 min. | O.V. Arabic subtitled in Spanish and English

A man returns to Palestine, years after having made a tough decision. On this journey he relives the moment when he had to choose between helping his brother, a militant, orgetting a passport for his child who was about to be born (thus ensuring a better future for him).

Session 2 with The Waves, Orbit Ever After, Zima and Nuclear Waste

Direction: Omar Robert Hamilton

Script: Omar Robert Hamilton

Cinematography: Omar Robert Hamilton

Editing: Omar Robert Hamilton

Sound: Basel Abbas

Cast: Kais Nashif

Production: Louis Lewarne



08/nov /  P.Armas 3 / 20:00
12/nov /  P. Armas 2 / 19:45

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