Thirteen Blue

Thirteen Blue

Jacqueline Lentzou

Zaklin Lentzou | Greece | 2013 | 18 min. | O.V. Greek subtitled in Spanish

Scorching heat, a deserted city. This summer, Ellie, 13, has to settle for a plastic pool and the company of her mother and grandmother. An apparently dead time during which there will be a great change in store for the girl, who is reaching adolescence.


Screened with The Reunion (New Waves Section)

Direction: Jacqueline Lentzou
Script: Jacqueline Lentzou
Cinematography: Owen James Laird
Editing: Ioanna Spiliopoulou
Sound: Tasos Ramantanis
Cast: Emmanuela Sfiridi, Rahl Liapopoulou, Melina Vamvaka
Production: Isavella Alopudi


09/nov C. Ala 1 / 20:15
11/nov P. Armas 3-4 / 22:30

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