The Waves

The Waves

Miguel Fonseca

Miguel Fonseca | Portugal | 22 min. | O.V. Portuguese subtitled in Spanish and English

Two sisters. One is a surfer, full of life and communicative. The other is introverted and in poor health. With the virgin Portuguese coast as a background, Fonseca builds the portrait of an uneven fraternal relationship with all its most complex, intimate twists and turns.

Session 2 with Though I Know The River Is Dry, Orbit Ever After, Zima and Nuclear Waste

Direction: Miguel Fonseca
Cinematography: Mário Castanheira
Editing: Sandro Aguilar
Sound: António Figueiredo
Cast: Andreia Contreiras, Alice Contreiras
Production: Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar
Production Company: O Som e a Fúria


08-nov / P. Armas 3 / 20:00
12-nov / P. Armas 2 / 19:45

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