The Sad Smell of Flesh

The Sad Smell of Flesh

Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas

Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas | Spain | 2013 | 87 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

There is a growing tension in this film which follows the steps of a man in a suit on a day of endless transactions. Starting with an outburst (he storms threateningly into the house of a woman and her daughter) and closing with a disconcerting, clarifying ending, the despair is palpable in the wanderings of this top executive who is forced to pawn all his belongings while acting normally in front of his family. With the crisis at the centre (and the constant murmuring of empty political discourse in the background), the film shows the effects of its disastrous consequences on someone who probably was one of those responsible for it.

Direction: Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas
Script: Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas
Cinematography: Pablo Kauffman
Editing: Pablo Kauffman
Cast: Alfredo Rodriguez, Ruth Sabuceda, Sabela Vasquez
Production: Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas

14/nov Ave 3 / 20.00
15/nov Ave 1-2 / 22:30

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