The Reunion

The Reunion

Anna Odell

Anna Odell | Sweden | 2013 | 88 min. | O.V. Swedish subtitled in Spanish / English

Anna Odell, a Swedish artist famous for her controversial performances, also uses cinema as a vehicle for questioning social mechanisms and the very nature of fiction. The Reunion begins with a high school class reunion at which old resentments from the past resurface: Anna (the director, also protagonist of the film) was marginalized by her classmates back then, and clearly has not managed to get over this. In the second part of the film, the story unfolds. The same Anna shows the film we have just seen in the first part to her (real?) classmates who are not the same people we have just seen, in a sharp, provocative mirrored reality.

Direction: Anna Odell
Script: Anna Odell
Cinematography: Ragna Jorming
Editing: Kristin Grundström
Cast: Erik Ehn, Fredrik Meyer Kamila Benhamza, Mikaela Ramel
Production: Mathilde Dedye

09/nov C. Ala 1 / 20:15
11/nov P. Armas 3-4


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