The Police Officer's Wife

The Police Officer's Wife

Philip Gröning

Philip Gröning | Alemania | 2013 | 175 min. | O.V. German subtitled in Spanish / English

A healthy young family, apparently irreproachable, lives in a little apartment in a small city. The father is a policeman and the mother looks after their young daughter. Bright Sundays in the forest and perfect shared moments followon in the different chapters of Gröning’s film, gradually revealing the violence that lies at the heart of their relationship. The tension increases as the film advances, amidst the horrifying attempts to maintain the child’s innocence. Fear, beauty, grief and levity, all the opposing feelings that hide behind the minimal gestures of daily life, in a film in which every shot is a time bomb.

Direction: Philip Gröning
Script: Philip Gröning
Cinematography: Philip Gröning
Editing: Philip Gröning, Hannes Bruun
Sound: Marc Parisotto
Cast: Alexandra Finder, David Zimmerschied, Horst Rehberg, Lars Rudolph
Production: Philip Gröning, Dr. Matthias Esche, Philipp Kreuzer, Werner Wirsing

12-nov C. Ala 1 / 21:45
13-nov P. Armas 2-3 / 21:45

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