The Little Wizard

The Little Wizard

Roque Cameselle

Roque Cameselle | Spain | 2013 | 81 min. | O.V. Spanish

In the Middle Ages, when Tui (Galicia) was a strategic port, Norman pirates attack a ship owned by Pedro Cabaledo, a wealthy merchant who deals in goldfinches and wines. The town is threatened by invasion but Cabaledo’s nine-year old son, BieitoDubidoso, manages to prevent this by using magic, and everyone is amazed. Soon, word spreads around the region, where he becomes known (and admired) as the little wizard. His adventures have only just begun: when he meets the girl who will be his inseparable companion, Destreza, and stands up to Bishop Juan, the bigwig in the city who has a grudge against him for making him look like a coward in front of his subjects, he will have to use his magic to overcome thousands of fantastic difficulties.

Direction: Roque Cameselle
Script: Roque Cameselle
Editing: Fernando Pardo
Music: Marc Timon, Miguel Cordeiro
Production: Alberto Cameselle


09/nov P. Armas 1 / 17:30


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