The Inner Jungle

The Inner Jungle

Juan Barrero

Juan Barrero | Spain | 2013 | 70 min. | O.V. Spanish and Danish subtitled in Spanish and English

Before setting out on a long scientific expedition through the Pacific, Juan takes his girlfriend Gala to his childhood village. The physical journey triggers off a journey through the couple’s emotional geography, which in turn leads to a crisis provoked by the call of nature: the one driving her to want to have a child, something to which he is opposed. Five months later, when Juan returns home, he discovers that his life is about to change forever. The cycles of life have followed their course without stopping to wait for him. Reflections on the organic world, the fauna and the unstoppable survival mechanisms of the species sneak through the gaps in this X-ray of human relationships.

Also in Resistencias competition

Direction: Juan Barrero
Script: Juan Barrero
Cinematography: Juan Barrero, Daniel Belza
Editing: Cristóbal Fernández
Music: Arvo Part, Gustav Mahler, Uri Caine, J.S Bach
Sound: Joaquín Pachón
Cast: Gala Pérez, Enriqueta White, Luz Barrero
Production: Luis Miñarro, Juan Barrero

14/nov P.Armas 1 / 12:30 (only with accreditation)
14/nov C. Ala 1 / 22:30
16/nov C. Ala 1 / 20:15

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