The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser

The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser

Alberto Gracia

Alberto Gracia | Spain | 2013 | 61 min. | O.V. Galician subtited in Spanish

Starting from the legend of Gaspar Hauser, a man who grew up locked away without any contact with human beings and accompanied only by a wooden horse, Gracia imagines and explores the darkest corners of the human subconscious. Filmed in (disturbing) 16mm, the proposed game establishes rules only in order to break them (like the order by episodes), and suggests impossible narrative lines only to shun them. Like Hauser, through the film we discover the world without the mediation of language, through a series of images for which we have no decoding tools. Eccentric sense of humour, iconoclastic use of symbols and large doses of strangeness in a work of daring experimentation, a journey to nowhere on board cinema.

Direction: Alberto Gracia
Script: Alberto Gracia
Cinematography: Mauro Herce
Editing: Alberto Gracia, Diana Toucedo
Sound: Alberto Gracia, Enrico Fiocco
Cast: Josecho, Sara García, Oliver Laxe, Nando Vázquez, Alberto Gracia, Pedro Soler, Quique Amil
Production: Felipe Lage Coro, Martin Pawley

12/nov P. Armas 1 / 09:00 (only with accreditation)
12/nov P. Armas 3 / 20:30
13/nov Ave 5 / 19.30

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