The Dream Kids

The Dream Kids

Vianney Lebasque

Vianney Lebasque | France | 2012 | 90 min. | O.V. French subtitled in Spanish and English

Something very important is going to happen to 16 year old JB. When he is about to enter a football academy, from where young players move on to professional teams, his medical examination reveals a heart ailment that would keep him off the football pitch. Determined to follow his dream, JB forges the certificate, even though this means putting his life in danger. But the lie is hard to maintain and will lead to a crucial dilemma between two opposing positions: JB’s determination to live life to the full despite the consequences, and having to give up everything he loves for a long life with no incentives.

Direction: Vianney Lebasque
Script: Vianney Lebasque, Mathieu Gompel
Cinematography: Manuel Teran
Editing: Claire Fieschi
Music: Christophe Menassier
Sound: François de Morant, Anne Gibourg, Vincent Cosson
Cast: Paul Bartel, Reda Kateb, Eddy Mitchell, Samy Seghir, Olivier Rabourdin
Production: Marc-Étienne Schwartz, Philippe Schwartz

10-nov TA / 17:00
16-nov TA / 17:00

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