The adventures of cat-eyed Lily

The adventures of cat-eyed Lily

Yonai Boix

Yonai Boix | Spain | 2013 | 86 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

The night begins for Lily, who works as PR in a bar. An endless night on the streets and in the bars of Madrid, during which she will have time to live a thousand adventures: from transforming a drooling stranger into her best friend to wrecking a musician’s performance, and including the alcohol-soaked intensity of a night lived as if there were no tomorrow. Charismatic and frank, but also mysterious, Lily ends up charming all those around her. But on this journey we’ll see how, behind her apparent flippancy and her foulmouthed character, Lily is concealing impenetrable enigmas and sadness. The vibrant, vigorous camerawork by Pol Aregall (who co-directed Amanecidos with Boix) makes us feel like another onlooker in this young story.

Direction: Yonai Boix
Script: Yonai Boix
Cinematography: Pol Aregall
Editing: Yonai Boix
Cast: Ana Adams, José Gimeno, Beatriz Olivares
Production: Carles Torras Pérez, Paulo Branco

15/nov C. Ala 1 / 22.15
16/nov Ave 2-3 / 17:30

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