Tenemos de todo

Tenemos de todo

Roberto Pérez Toledo

Roberto Pérez Toledo | Spain | 2013 | 3 min. | O.V. Spanish

The actors included in the Fotogramas article, “El Relevo” (which,every year for the last 21 years, features the promising newcomers in Spanish cinema) are the guides in the short film. Arón Piper, Andrés Velencoso, AngyFernández, Carmen Ruiz, Carmina Barrios, Claudia Bassols, Ignacio Mateos, LayaMartí, MaríaMolins, MiquelFernández, PepaCharro and SofíaOria, from their stall seats, offer a series of good reasons for seeing Spanish cinema again, reasons that focus on one single convincing asset: we’ve got everything.

Screened with Diamantes negros (Europa Junior Section)

Direction: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Script: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Cinematography: Indi Costa
Editing: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Sound: Borja Alonso Terán
Cast: Carmina Barrios, Sofía Oria, Ignacio Mateos, Miquel Fernández
Production: Borja Alonso Terán


16/nov AVE 5 / 19:30

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