Sunday 3

Sunday 3

Jochen Kuhn

Jochen Kuhn | Germany | 2012 | 14 min. | O.V. German subtitled in Spanish and English

Through a mixture of drawings, in which animation and live action interact and are juxtaposed, Sunday 3 tells of a peculiar blind date in which a man ends up sitting face to face with the Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Session 1 with Cut, Jump, Death of a Shadow and Misterio

Direction: Jochen Kuhn

Script: Jochen Kuhn

Cinematography: Jochen Kuhn

Editing: Olaf Meltzer

Cast: Jochen Kuhn (narrador)

Production: Jochen Kuhn



08/nov /  P. Armas 1 / 17:30
10/nov /  P.Armas 4 / 17:00

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