Soles de primavera

Soles de primavera

Stefan Ivancic

Stefan Ivancic | Serbia | 2013 | 23 min | O.V. Serbian subtitled in Spanish

Four cousins, separated after the division of the former Yugoslavia, spend their holidays in the Serbian countryside before leaving for distant destinations. A shared past that inevitably emerges, in those lazy days at summer’s end which Stefan Ivan?i?, one of them, portrays.

Out of competition
Screened with Alan Vega, Just a Million Dreams y Las Luchadoras de México (work in progress)

Direction: Stefan Ivancic
Script: Andrej Ivancic, Stefan Ivancic, Mateja Vidakovic
Cinematography: Igor Djordjevic
Editing: Jelena Maksimovic, Natasa Pantic
Sound: Mladjan Matavulj
Cast: Dimitrije Ivancic, Andrej Ivancic, Stefan Ivancic, Marko Grabez
Production: Stefan Ivancic, Dragana Jovovic, Anastasija Zamahajev

09/nov Ave 5 / 22.00
10/nov Ave 5 / 22:00

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