Shirley - Visions of Reality

Shirley - Visions of Reality

Gustav Deutsch

Gustav Deutsch | Austria | 2013 | 93 min. | O.V. English subtitled in Spanish

By using as a starting point thirteen paintings by the American painter Edward Hopper (such as Office at Night, Western Motel, Usherette and A Woman in the Sun) and faithfully and elegantly reproducing the light and colours of each one, Deutsch assembles a collection of minimal stories with the same protagonist, Shirley, a red-haired actress. From the 30s to the 60s –always on 28th August- in places such as New York, Paris and Cape Cod, Shirley’s internal monologue extends from the intimate to the public (and the political). From bleak bedrooms, motionless waiting rooms and rooms bathed by a limpid twilight, the main events in American history during those years (the Great Depression, World War II, McCarthyism, the Kennedy era) echo in the actress’s life.

Direction: Gustav Deutsch
Script: Gustav Deutsch
Cinematography: Jerzy Palacz
Editing: Gustav Deutsch
Music: Christian Fennesz, David Sylvian
Cast: Stephanie Cumming, Christoph Bach, Florentin Groll, Elfriede Irral
Production: Gabriele Kranzelbinder

08/nov C. Ala 1 / 20:00
09/nov P. Armas 3-4-5 / 22:00
10/nov P. Armas 4-5 / 22:30

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