Sé villana. La Sevilla del Diablo

Sé villana. La Sevilla del Diablo

María Cañas

María Cañas | Spain | 2013 | 40 min | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

An incisive, grotesque jumble of Seville clichés which reflect the director’s deep love/hate relationship with her city. A journey through the essence of Seville in its most deep-rooted traditions and their (extravagant) derivations, as a mechanism of thought and of resistance to what is around her.

Session 1 with My Pigman, Moribundia y Toro's Revenge, Mi lucha, Kiss the Murder, Dios se ríe en las alturas y Holy Thriller and Voy a decirle a dios que te apuñale


11/nov / Ave 1 / 19.15
13/nov / Ave 1 / 19:15

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