João Salaviza

João Salaviza | Portugal, France | 2012 | 25 min. | O.V. Portuguese subtitled in Spanish and English

A 13-year old boy gets up early one morning to the news that his mother is being held in a police station. This is the start of a long, tense day during which he crosses Lisbon to go and see her, and waits and insists, patiently and stubbornly, to be able to get her out of that predicament.

Screening with: Gambozinos, Redemption y Baby Back Costa Rica

Direction: João Salaviza

Script: João Salaviza

Cinematography: Vasco Viana

Editing: Rodolphe Molla, João Salaviza

Sound: Olivier Blanc

Cast: Rodrigo Perdigão, Joana de Verona

Production: Maria João Mayer, François d’Artemare



14/nov / Ave 5 / 17:30
15/nov / Ave 5 / 18:30

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