Piratas y libélulas

Piratas y libélulas

Isabel de Ocampo

Isabel de Ocampo | Spain | 2013 | 72 min.| O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

In Piratas y libélulas, Isabel de Ocampofollows the staging of a play by a group of pupils in a high school in Las Tres Mil Viviendas, a conflictive area in Seville. “Raúl y Julia” is the version, adapted to the present day, of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” presented by Los Shespirs (in a joking reference to the English author), a group formed by gypsy and non-gypsy pupils in which there are difficulties and conflicts, but also joy and the desire for self-improvement

Direction: Isabel de Ocampo

Script: Isabel de Ocampo


Editing: Ernesto de Nova, Irlanda Tambascio, Carlos Therón

Music: Úrsula Torres Calado

Sound: Coco Gollonet

Cast: Matilde López y Cía. Los Shespirs

Production: Isabel de Ocampo



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16/nov P. Armas 4

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