Rocío Mesa

Rocío Mesa | Spain | 2013 | 83 min. | O.V. Spanish and English subtitled in English

In Orensanz a guided visit to one of the most genuine artistic spaces on New York’s Lower East Side becomes a revealing journey to the depths of the Aragonese Pyrenees. The contemporary artist Angel Orensanz is the hinge that unites these two spaces. A herd of sheep, a cat used to dodging taxis in the Big Apple, the hardened hands of a stonecutter or the light that filters through the windows of a synagogue are the colours, textures or sounds that tell this story which reflects on the concept of fame and many other things.

Direction: Rocío Mesa

Script: Rocío Mesa

Cinematography: Darío García

Editing: Rocío Mesa

Music: David Cordero

Cast: Ángel Orensanz, Al Orensanz, Silvia Nanclares, Pueblo de Larués

Production: Merry Colomer, Ernesto Novales



11/nov / TA / 19:45


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