Obra 67

Obra 67

David Sainz

David Sainz | Spain| 2013 | 108 min. | O.V. Spanish

After spending twenty years in prison, the famous burglar Juan El Candela is freed and reunited with his son Juan “El Chispa” and his friend Cristo. While El Candela tries to adapt to the changed world with which he is confronted, his son plans to get money to realize his musical dream by using his adored father as a reference. 

Direction: David Sainz
Script: David Sainz
Editing: Javi Lería
Music: Legalize Sound, Calderón Projects
Sound: Alonso Velasco
Cast: Antonio Dechent, Alvaro Pérez, Jacinto Bobo, Dani Mantero
Production: Teresa Segura


15/nov TA / 22:00
16/nov Ave 5 / 22.00

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