No Man´s Land

No Man´s Land

Salomé Lamas

Salomé Lamas | Portugal | 2012 | 72 min. | O.V. Portuguese subtitled in Spanish

Lamos slices into small episodes –almost “pills”- the testimony arising from four meetings with Paulo, who was a mercenary in Angola and El Salvador and a hired killer for the GAL. A raw film that trusts in the power of the explosive raw material it’s dealing with, in which a kind of “bureaucrat of death” talks abouthis work simply and frankly. Paulo explains the cruelty of the commando groups and the colonial confrontations in Angola, the guerrilla war in El Salvador and the cold conspiracy of the perfectly oiled mechanism through which the GAL eliminated its targets. A man who, despite the addictive, bloody quality of his work, confesses that he never killed for pleasure.

Direction: Salomé Lamas

Script: Salomé Lamas

Cinematography: Takashi Sugimoto

Editing: Telmo churro

Sound: Bruno Moreira

Cast: Paulo Figueiredo

Production: Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar



14/nov / Ave 1-2 / 20:30
16/nov / Ave 1-2-3 / 19:45

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