My Pigman, Moribundia, Toro's Revenge

My Pigman, Moribundia, Toro's Revenge

María Cañas

María Cañas | Spain | 2005-2006 | 7 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in Spanish

Cañas takes the two animals par excellence of our collective imagination, the pig and the bull, to make the series El perfecto cerdo and La cosa nuestra. On the one hand, My Pigman, a fragment from the series El perfecto cerdo, which gives a new meaning to an old phrase: just as with the pig, everything from the contemporary image archive can be used. Moribundia and Toro’s Revenge, from the series La cosa nuestra, examine man’s relationship with the bull in various cultures, from the viewpoint of incorrectness and the punk spirit.

Session 1 with  Mi lucha, Kiss the Murder, Dios se ríe en las alturas y Holy Thriller, Voy a decirle a dios que te apuñale and Sé villana. La sevilla del diablo


11/nov / Ave 1 / 19.15
13/nov /  Ave 1/  19:15

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