João Vladimiro

João Vladimiro | Portugal | 2013 | 99 min. | O.V. Portuguese subtitled in Spanish and English

Lacrau (scorpion in Portuguese) begins with this premise: “If the viper could hear, and the scorpion see, there would be no escape”. The fatalism of the phrase reflects the bipolarity between country and city, and the different ways in which both poles are lethal, fascinating and dangerous for the human being and his insatiable search. Vladimiro has made a dark, unfathomable film that swims in overwhelming images which uncover the starkest aspect of the return to nature, of a life in which brutality and beauty come together. A return from the city to the primitive, which could easily be a journey to the deep waters of the human subconscious.


Direction: João Vladimiro
Script: João Vladimiro
Cinematography: Pedro Pinho
Editing: Luísa Homem
Sound: Frederico Lobo
Production: Joao Matos

09/nov Ave 5 / 19.00
10/nov P. Armas 3 / 22:15

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