La memoria de los olivos

La memoria de los olivos

Raúl Romera Morilla

Raúl Romera Morilla | Spain | 2013 | 80 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

Spain, September 1936. Rosa and her brother Matías live in a humble house on the mountain with their father, Paco. Rosa works in a sewing workshop, and Paco and Matías in an olive grove. Their life is normal, despite the war, althoughJulián, Paco’s brother, a drinker and a troublemaker, is harassingthe family in order to get their house for himself. When theFalangists enter the town, Julián will use their presence to obtain his objective, with disastrous consequences for everyone.

Direction: Raúl Romera Morilla

Script: Raúl Romera Morilla

Cinematography: Raúl Romera Morilla

Editing: Raúl Romera Morilla

Music: Alberto Bracero

Cast: Marta Serrano, Víctor Lamas, Andrés Blanco, Mireia Murguiondo

Production: Emilio Ruiz Barrachina



16/nov / TA / 19:15

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