Jimmy Dakar Soul

Jimmy Dakar Soul

Marina Aguirre, David García

Marina Aguirre, David García | Spain | 2013 | 52 min. | O.V. wolof and French subtitled in Spanish

A documentary that shows us the life and work of the Senegalese musician Pap Niang. Blind from birth, this musician from the Ouakam neighborhood, equally in love with soul and bluesor with salsa and rock ‘n roll, he was an important member of the Dakar scene in the 70s. A member of bands like Xalam, Kad Orchestra or the Baobab Orchestra, he shared the stage with musicians such as Prince Cissokho, Ismael Lô or YoussouN’dour, today all known internationally.

Direction: Marina Aguirre / David García

Script: Marina Águirre

Cinematography: David García

Editing: Marina Aguirre

Music: Pape Niang

Production: David Gacría



15/nov / Ave 5 / 20:30

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