It For Others

It For Others

Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell | United Kingdom | 2013 | 52 min. | O.V. English subtitled in Spanish

Duncan Campbell takes Les Statues MeurentAussi, a shrewd commentary on colonialism filmed by Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, as a starting point for this compendium of film essays whose common theme is “objects”. Imitating the texture and aesthetic of Marker’s film, which showed African masks in sharp black and white, Campbell moves towards the use of rediscovered film footage, miscellaneous advertising images, exquisite choreographies, Chinese fabrics, or the staging of everyday moments invaded by the fruits of mass production in a work full of sharp irony and inquisitive political commentary.

Screened with The Day has Conquered the Night


Direction: Duncan Campbell
Script: Duncan Campbell
Cinematography: Duncan Campbell
Editing: Duncan Campbell
Sound: Duncan Campbell

12/nov Ave 5 / 22:15
13/nov P. Armas 3 / 17:00

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