Holy Field Holy War

Holy Field Holy War

Lech Kowalski

Lech Kowalski | France, Poland | 2013 | 107 min. | O.V. Polish and English subtitled in Spanish and English

An invisible enemy is invading and contaminating the Polish countryside. It is the powerful, anonymous hand of the large corporations which, with their excessive greed, have gradually cornered the rural population, surrounding their houses, restricting their customs and poisoning their water. Kowalski gets to the very heart of this silent but implacable war in his exhaustive immersion in rural Poland, travelling to all its corners, showing without qualms the reality it is suffering and giving a voice to all those who, despite being the first to be affected by such a devastating panorama, were never consulted.

Direction: Lech Kowalski
Cinematography: Lech Kowalski
Editing: Lech Kowalski
Sound: Emmanuel Soland
Production: Odile Allard, Alexandre Dayet

14/nov P. Armas 3-4 / 17:00
15/nov P. Armas 5 / 19:45

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