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Grand Central

Rebecca Zlotowski

Rebecca Zlotowski | France, Austria | 2013 | 92 min. | O.V. French subtitled in Spanish and English

Zlotowski’s second film after Dear Prudence irradiates intensity and magnetism. We are talking about a man’s double exposure to highly dangerous materials: the radiation from the nuclear centre where he starts work, and the passion emanating from his forbidden love for Karole, the explosive fiancée of one of his colleagues. A love triangle against the (always slightly apocalyptic) background of radioactive contamination, in a film filled with physicality and with the overwhelming magnetic love story it tells.

Direction: Rebecca Zlotowski
Script: Rebecca Zlotowski, Gaëlle Macé
Cinematography: George Lechaptois
Editing: Julien Lacheray
Sound: Cédric Deloche, Gwennolé Le Borgne, Alexis Place, Marc Doisne
Cast: Tahar Rahim, Léa Seydoux, Olivier Gourmet, Denis Ménochet
Production: Frédéric Jouve

11/nov C.Ala 4 / 22:30
12/nov P. Armas 1-2 / 17:30
16/nov P. Armas 1-2 / 17:30

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