El futuro

El futuro

Luis López Carrasco

Luis López Carrasco | Spain | 2013 | 67 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

El futuro opens with the news, over a black background, of Felipe González’s recent electoral victory in 1982. A preamble before the camera moves into the heart of a party. However it only gives a distant, dull view of the dancing and flirting of the modern youth of that time. Amidst the alcohol, the constant music and conversations captured in passing –very often in an oblique way-, López Carrasco (from the Collective Los Hijos) gives the impression of time standing still, of progress halted by tedium, that crystallizes in the uneasy sensation summoned up by that future of the title. An eloquent end to the party and a dawn, 30 years later, that opens multiple doors for thinking.


Direction: Luis López Carrasco
Script: Luis López Carrasco, Luis E. Parés
Cinematography: Ion de Sosa
Editing: Sergio Jiménez
Sound: Jose Alarcón, Jaime Lardíés
Cast: Lucía Alonso, Queta Herrero, Rafael Ayuso, Sergio Jiménez
Production: Ion de Sosa, Roberto Butragueño, Manuel Calvo, Luis López Carrasco, Luis Ferrón

09/nov P. Armas 1 / 22:15
10/nov Ave 1-3 / 22:00
11/nov P. Armas 2 / 22:15



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