El desorden de los sentidos

El desorden de los sentidos

Alejandro G. Salgado

Alejandro G. Salgado | Spain | 2013 | 30 min. | O.V. Spanish

El desorden de los sentidos takes us on a journey of knowledge through our five senses to show us the reality of the world of Antonio and Gerardo, two young disabled boys who tackle the French section of the Camino de Santiago on bicycles.

Session 3. Out of competition. Screened with Liberia, Sin milagros, Tránsito


15/nov / C. Ala 1/ 17:30



12/nov / T.A. 17:30h. Special screening for deaf persons (free entrance)
12/nov / T.A. 18:30h, Special screening for blind persons (free entrance)

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