El caso Rocío

El caso Rocío

José Luis Tirado

José Luis Tirado | España | 2013 | 75 min. | O.V. Spanish and Portuguese subtitled in Spanish

El caso Rocío tells, through its directors, the story of the making, indictment and persecution of the film Rocío, which has gone down in history as the first film seized by the court in Spain after the abolition of film censorship in 1977. Directed by Fernando Ruíz Vergara and premiered in 1980, today it continues to be censored by the Supreme Court’s 1984 ruling. A choral tale that reflects on film censorship, Andalusian culture and the Spanish transition.

Direction: José Luis Tirado

Script: Francisco Espinosa y José Luis Tirado

Cinematography: Francisco Espinosa y José Luis Tirado

Editing: Manuel P. Vargas

Sound: Carlos Pérez Varelo y Juan Egoscozábal

Production: José Luis Tirado



13/nov 8/ TA / 20:00


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