De Occulta Philosophia

De Occulta Philosophia

Daniel V. Villamediana

Daniel V. Villamediana | 2013 | España | 73 min. | O.V. Spanish and English subtitled in Spanish and English

Little is known today about how ancient music was performed in its day. Composed with instruments which in many cases fell into disuse, and recorded in scores without indications, its interpretation is, in a way, a search for something which cannot be grasped. The same can be said about the endless question of how to film music. Villamediana delves into the process of this recreation through the work of the group La Reverencia: from the creation of the instruments by the luthier Titus Crijnen, to the acoustic resonance of that music playing in the churches of Liétor, a town in Albacete, and including the exploration of the thought and history surrounding this art form.

Direction: Daniel V. Villamediana
Script: Daniel V. Villamediana
Cinematography: Madalina Stefan
Editing: Daniel V. Villamediana
Music: Dietrich Buxtehude, J. S. Bach, Franz Tunder, J. H. Schmelzer, Dietrich Becker, Claudio Monteverdi
Sound: Pascual Lorenzo, Alejandro Castillo
Cast: Paloma Gallego (soprano), Pavel Almicar (violín barroco), Manuel Pascual (corneta), Jorge Miró (viola da gamba),Thor Jorgen (violone), Andrés Alberto Gómez (clave, órgano y dirección)
Production: Andrés Alberto Gómez

10/nov Ave 5 / 18.00
11/nov Ave 5 / 17.00

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