Choir Tour

Choir Tour

Edmunds Jansons

Edmund Jansons | Latvia | 2012 | 5 min. | No dialogues

A children’s choir on tour give their director the slip. A frantic chase begins in a labyrinthine building, with a slapstick style (very much in line with worlds like that of Jacques Tati) and an aesthetic verging on abstraction, in which pure forms and colours are protagonists.

The films in this program are screened in a single session.

Direction: Edmunds Jansons
Music: Girts Biss
Sound: Girts Biss
Production: Sabine Andersone


08/nov P. Armas 5 / 22:00
10/nov Ave 5 / 20.15
12/nov P. Armas 4 / 17:30

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