Llorenç Castañer

Llorenç Castañer | Spain | 2013 | 85 min. | O.V. Spanish

Jesús, responsible for cremations at the Municipal Morgue –and involved in a fraud for recycling coffins- keeps bodies in his home and gets rid of them regularly. Rafa, a young businessman and a neighbor, discovers this, but when he is going to report it to the police he accidentally kills his partner during a stupid argument. Rafa decides to hide the corpse. From that moment on, he’ll discover how hard it is to get rid of a dead body.

Direction: Llorenç Castañer

Script: Antonio Cardiel & Llorenç Castañer

Cinematography: David Valldeperez

Editing: Manel Frasquiel

Music: Jesús Díaz & Fletcher Ventura

Cast: Alfonso Sánchez, Adriá Collado, Maite Sandoval, Yolanda Ramos

Production: José Antonio Hergueta, Arantxa Zunzunegu, Alvaro Alonso, Enrique Ortuño



12/nov / TA / 19:45

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