Jorge Naranjo

Jorge Naranjo | Spain, Germany | 2013 | 90 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

Javi has come out of his last audition feeling despondent and the last thing he wants to do is go to another audition. But he has to go to this one. He’s forced to do it by his girlfriend, the rent and, above all, because he’s got no option. What he doesn’t know is that there he’ll meet Esther, an actress with whom he’ll spend several hours until it’s their turn, on an emotional journey of flirtations, emotions and disappointments that will help him find himself… Even if he doesn’t want to…Even if that could change his whole life. With music by Julio de la Rosa.

Direction: Jorge Naranjo

Script: Jorge Naranjo

Cinematography: Alberto Morago

Editing: Iván Aledo, Mario G. Deco

Music: Julio de la Rosa

Sound: José Tomé

Cast: Javier Lopez, Esther Rivas, Ken Appledorn, Nay Díaz

Production: Torsten Gauger, Jorge Naranjo, Sara Santaella, Carlos Moreno, Jorge Santamaría



10/nov / TA / 19:45

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