Alex van Warmerdam

Alex van Warmerdam | Holland | 2013 | 113 min. | O.V. Dutch subtitled in Spanish and English

Van Warmerdam is back on the attack with a satire that questions the values of bourgeois life. As in the Last Days of Emma Blank, he presents an absurd, disconcerting situation that shows up the hypocrisy and the unhealthy dynamics of affective and family relationships. In this case, the destabilizing factor is Borgman, a kind of leader of a tribe of nomads who looks like a tramp. In a thousand shocking ways he invades the suburban home of an apparently perfect couple who live with their children and a nanny.

Direction: Alex van Warmerdam
Script: Alex van Warmerdam
Cinematography: Tom Erisman
Editing: Job ter Burg
Music: Vincent van Warmerdam
Sound: Peter Warnier
Cast: Jan Bijvoet, Hadewych Minis, Jeroen Perceval, Jeroen Perceval
Production: Marc van Warmerdam, Eurydice Gysel, Koen Mortier, Mogens Glad, Tine Mosegaard, Marina Blok


09/nov / C. Ala 4 / 20:00

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