Baby Back Costa Rica

Baby Back Costa Rica

Gabriel Abrantes

Gabriel Abrantes | Portugal | 2011 | 5 min. | O.V. Portuguese subtitled in Spanish and English

During an afternoon, three adolescents travel in a car, eat pizza and swim in the pool. A hypnotic (and banal) background conversation, a strange, oblique perspective that turns the episode into a horror film, a confused nightmare floating in a limbo.

Screening with: Rafa, Redemption y Gambozinos

Direction: Gabriel Abrantes

Script: Gabriel Abrantes

Cinematography: Gabriel Abrantes

Editing: Gabriel Abrantes

Music: Pedro Gomes

Sound: Gabriel Abrantes, Pedro Alçada

Cast: Dory Castro, Mariana Roberto, Nuria Coelho

Production: João Figueiras



14/nov / Ave 5 / 17:30
15/nov / Ave 5 / 18:30

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