As The Flames Rose

As The Flames Rose

Joao Rui Guerra da Mata

Joao Rui Guerra da Mata | Portugal | 2012 | 26 min. | O.V. Portuguese subtitled in Spanish and English

On this occasion Guerra da Mata directs while Rodrigues co-writes and plays the leading role in the film inspired by La VoixHumaine, a theatrical piece by Jean Cocteau. On the morning of 25th August 1988, Portugal awakes to a huge fire, Chiado, in Lisbon, is burning. On the other side of the city, Francisco receives an unexpected, devastating phone call.

Screening with: O Corpo de Afonso y Mahjong

Direction: Joao Rui Guerra da Mata

Script: Joao Rui Guerra da Mata

Cinematography: Rui Poças

Editing: Mariana Gaivão

Sound: Nuno Carvalho

Cast: Joao Rui Guerra da Mata

Production: João Figueiras




09/nov / Ave 5 / 17:00
11/nov / Ave 5 / 17:00

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