An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker

An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker

Danis Tanovic

Danis Tanovic | Bosnia, France, Eslovenia, Italy | 2013 | 74 min. | O.V. Eslovenian subtitled in Spanish / English

Nazif works as a scrap dealer, struggling to make it to the end of the month. His wife, Senada, spends the day at home looking after their two children, and with a third one on the way. When she starts having pains, Senada goes to the hospital, and discovers that she has had a miscarriage and that her life is in danger. But she doesn’t have medical insurance, and the medical attention she needs would cost an amount that is a fortune for them. This is the start of a thousand difficulties for Nazif as he tries to save his wife’s life, over the course of a few days during which his somewhat anti-system condition (he is a gypsy and works within the black economy) will bring him into conflict with the rules of the game in contemporary capitalist society.

Direction: Danis Tanovic
Script: Danis Tanovic
Cinematography: Erol Zubcevic
Editing: Timur Makarevic
Sound: Samir Foco
Cast: Senada Alimanovic, Nazif Mujic, Sandra Mujic, Šemsa Mujic
Production: Amra Bakšic Camo, Cedomir Kolar, Danijel Hocevar

08-nov P. Armas 5 / 17:00 (only with accreditation)
09-nov C. Ala 4 ( 22:30
10-nov P. Armas 2-3-4-5 / 20:30

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