A Story For The Modlins

A Story For The Modlins

Sergio Oksman

Sergio Oksman | Spain | 2012 | 26 min. | O.V. English subtitled in Spanish

Working from a box of old photos and mementoes, Oksman constructs a story not “about” but “for” a family, the Modlins, who settled in Madrid in the 70s (marked in some way by the appearance of the father, a frustrated actor, in Rosemary’s Baby, by Polanski). 

Session 3 with Butter Lamp, Letter, Morning and Houses with Small Window

Direction: Sergio Oksman

Script: Carlos Muguiro, Emilio Tomé, Sergio Oksman

Cinematography: Migue Amoedo

Editing: Fernando Franco, Sergio Oksman

Sound: Iñaki Sánchez

Production: Sergio Oksman



15/nov /  P. Armas 4 / 17:00
16/nov /  P. Armas 5 / 22:00

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