A bouquet of cactus

A bouquet of cactus

Pablo Llorca

Pablo Llorca | Spain | 2013 | 94 min. | O.V. Spanish subtitled in English

Alfonso is a middle aged man who works in ecological agriculture, and fights every day to continue with a way of life he considers ethical and just. His values clash with those of his wealthy, bourgeois family, and in particular with those of his brother who, despite having had progressive ideas in the past, has now become a capitalist in the construction industry. When his grandson is born, Alfonso tries to minimize his family’s increasing influence in the boy’s education by instilling him with a love for manual work. The intention ends up becoming an obsession given the impossibility of protecting the boy from the prevailing thinking in society and the cult of money in the world around him.


Direction: Pablo Llorca
Script: Pablo Llorca
Cinematography: Wiro Berriatúa
Editing: Gustavo Seisdedos
Sound: Wiro Berriatúa, Pedro Saavedra
Cast: Pedro Casablanc, Amanda Recacha, Alfonso Torregrosa, Juan Codina
Production: Pablo Llorca

13/nov Ave 5 / 22.00
14/nov Ave 5 / 22.30

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