The 48 Hour Film Project is a film competition in which different teams make a film (writing the script, shooting and
editing) in only 48 hours. Over 150 cities around the world take part in the 48 Hour Film Project which dates back to 2001, when Mark Ruppert – current director of the project at world level- had the idea of trying to make a film in 48 hours. Filmmakers in Washington DC joined the project, forming their own teams and participating in the experiment. 2013 is the 12th edition, after having visited cities such as Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, Dubai or Beijing. This year, the winning film from each participating city will compete in the event Filmapalooza 2014 (USA).

The 48 Hour Film Project, which defines itself as “a sleepless weekend”, has certain rules. Once the participating teams have gathered, they are given a character, an element to include in the script, a line of dialogue and a genre: common surprise elements which must be developed within all the films. 48 hours later, the films must have been finished and are collected. Granada, Malaga and Seville are participating in this project in 2013 with La Matraka, and the Seville European Film Festival will screen the two best short films from each city and also the audience favourite from those cities.

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