20 years of MES DE DANZA. Dance in images

20 years of MES DE DANZA. Dance in images

To celebrate the 20 years of MES DE DANZA, the SEFF is showing a selection of audiovisual creations of some of the
most important companies in the history of the event. The selection begins with Manuela Nogales Danza, a well known
choreographer whose career has grown in parallel with that of the festival. Her creation, Breve ensayo de Amor (with
music by Lehónideas Boskovec, and filmed in the studio of the painter Garikoitz Cuevas), shows us the impossibility of
separating affectivity and mobility. Fil, by Roser López Espinosa, which is part of the series of videodances in the programme danSA, from the Xarxa de Televisions Locals, is set in the empty spaces of an abandoned textile factory and develops a semblance of how women and thread have shared legends and history. Erre que erre, whose participation in MES DE DANZA dates back to its first editions, presents No pesa el corazón de los veloces, created during the creation residence of the homonymous spectacle in the city of Valparaiso, Chile, in 2008, and Fragile, with choreography by Teresa Navarrete. Finally, Jordi Cortés & Damián Muñoz offer Coup de Grâce, a film adaptation of their dance piece Ólelés (2004) inspired by the novel Embers by Sándor Márai, in a film directed by Clara van Gool.

Manuela Nogales Danza (Sevilla)
Breve ensayo de Amor

Coreography: Manuela Nogales
Direction: Rocío Huertas / 2012 / 6 min.

Roser López Espinosa (Barcelona)

Abel Cunillera y Roser López Espinosa / 2009 / 6 min.

Cía. Erre que Erre (Barcelona)
No pesa el corazón de los veloces
Erre que Erre / 2008 / 8 min.

Coreography: Teresa Navarrete
Direction: Ricardo Salas / 2010 / 9 min.

Jordi Cortés & Damián Muñoz (Barcelona)
Coup de Grâce
Direction: Clara van Gool / 2011 / 26 min.


12/nov Ave 1 / 17.15
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