Andrey Gryazev

Russia, 2012, 87 min., Russian


Gryazev attaches himself to the Russian artistic group Voina (war) for Tomorrow, his full length documentary film debut as director, recording their intimacies, discussions, politic performances and public appearances. Given that this gathering of political-cultural activists who carry their baby on their back are boldly struggling to give greater visibility to their revolutionary, counter-culture activities, it could be said that Tomorrow is an obvious proof of the symbiosis between documentary-maker and documented subject. After all, though sharing an observational model and refraining from making any judgements on the images projected, Gryazev does a lot with his film to take Voina out of the (crowded) Youtube ghetto.


Andrey Gryazev

Born in Moscow in 1982, Andrey Gryazev studied at the National Television University specialising in editing and assembling. After graduating, he furthered this technical education attending direction and script writing courses, taught by teachers such as Andrey Gerasimov and Andrey Dobrovolski. Before Tomorrow, his feature film debut, Andrey Gryazev had released a short film (Ice Age, 2009), and two one-hour medium-length films –Sanya and Sparrow (2009) and Miner’s Day (2010)–.



2012 Tomorrow

2010 Sanya i vorobey




Rusia, 2012, 90 min, Ruso.

Dirección /Direction

Andrey Gryazev

Guión / Script

Andrey Gryazev

Fotografía / Cinematography

Andrey Gryazev

Montaje / Editing

Andrey Gryazev

Sonido / Sound

Aleksandr Dudarev

Producción / Producers

Andrey Gryazev

Intérpretes / Cast

Leonid Nikolaev, Natalia Sokol,

Kasper Vorotnikov, Oleg Vorotnikov

Compañía productora / Production company

Andrey Gryazev

Moscú Rusia

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