Unit 7

Unit 7

Alberto Rodriguez

Spain, 2012, 96 min., Spanish



It is 1988 and Seville starts preparing for Expo’92, where hundreds of countries will have representation. In order to whitewash the city and root out drug traffickers who roam at will, the authorities create a special police unit, named Unit 7, and composed of four agents. Among them, Angel stands out: he is a young idealist focused on becoming a detective. His antithesis is Rafael, a seasoned, violent, expeditious policeman. Once their dubious methods begin to pay off, temptation takes hold of the stage, transforming the temper and psychology of the unit members. Rodríguez cares about displaying some true facts wrapping them up in a murmur of tragedy, without forgetting to pay the price for action.


Alberto Rodríguez:

Alberto Rodríguez was born in Seville in 1971. He shot his first feature film, El factor Pilgrim (2000), along with Santi Amodeo. The second one, as a solo director, El traje (2002), took part in the Berlin Festival. This first pop stage, with a curious Swinging-London feeling on it, gave way to a more mature stage: Alberto Rodriguez stands out as an attentive filmmaker, who looks at the genres as if they were reality-filtering structures. He obtained a great audience success with7 Vírgenes (2005), and recognition as producer and director of actors (the protagonists, Ballesta and Carroza, were respectively awarded at San Sebastian and with a Goya), which helped him continue his projects, always halfway between the personal and the industrial, as shown in his latest two films, After (2009) and Grupo 7 (2012).

Grupo 7
Unit 7

España, 2012, 96 min, Español
Dirección /Direction
Alberto Rodríguez
Guión / Script
Alberto Rodríguez, Rafael Cobos
Fotografía / Cinematography
Alex Catalán
Montaje / Editing
José M. G. Moyano
Sonido / Sound
Daniel De Zayas
Música / Music
Julio de la Rosa
Producción / Producers
Gervasio Iglesias, José Antonio Félez
Intérpretes / Cast
Mario Casas, Antonio de la Torre,
Joaquín Nuñez, Inma Cuesta
Compañía productora / Production company
Atípica Films, La Zanfoña
Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company
Warner Bros Pictures
E. carlos.prada@warnerbros.com

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