Emmanuelle Millet

France – 2011 - 81 min. - French.

> 16 years old


Emmanuelle Millet opted for the subject of motherhood, specifically unwanted motherhood, for her first full-length fiction film. Sarah is a 20 year old youngster who decisively opens herself to life, happy to fight for an independent fate without constraints. After a sudden faint, a shock greets her in the form of an unintended pregnancy. Six months pregnant, Sarah feels reluctant to become a mother and having to cut short her recently acquired freedom, but it's just inevitable that her maturity doesn’t grow all at once unsettling her convictions.


Emmanuelle Millet

Emmanuelle Millet is behind La Brindille, her fiction film debut. She is a woman with a wide, versatile career which covers various artistic fields. Millet has written books (Pour en finir avec les violences conjugales, Éditions Marabout-Hachette), produced TV broadcastings(Envoyé Spécial, along with Bertrand Tavernier) and short film documentaries (T’as un rôle á jouer, with the guest appearance by Mathieu Amalric). She has developed her career keeping a strong commitment and collaborating with humanitarian institutions such as Médecins du Monde, Handicap International or Secours Populaire.


2011 La Brindille

La BrindilIe


Francia, 2011, 85 min, Francés

Dirección /Direction

Emmanuelle MilIet

Guión / Script

Emmanuelle MilIet

Fotografía / Cinematography

Antoine Heberlé

Montaje / Editing

Emmanuelle Castro, Anny Danehé

Sonido / Sound

Nicolas Favre

Música / Music

Christophe Julián

Producción / Producers

Catherine Bozorgan, Christine Gozlan

Intérpretes / Cast

Christa Théret (Sarah),

Johan Libéreau (Johan),

Anne Le Ny (Sonia),

Maud Wyler (Julie)

Compañía productora / Production company

Manchester Films / Thelma Films

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Films Distribution

Rue du Louvre, 34

75001 París


T. 33 1 53 103399


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