Till death do us apar

Till death do us apar

Julián Lara

Spain/USA, 13 min., English


Former girlfriends in a wedding? That’s something which no fiancée can bear. But... What would happen if the former girlfriends are zombies?

Till death do us apart

España, 2011, 13 min, Inglés

Dirección /Direction

Julián Lara

Guión / Script

Julián Lara

Fotografía / Cinematography

Jon Aguirresarobe

Montaje / Editing

Ruben Navarro

Sonido / Sound

Javier Canella

Música / Music

Jose Villalobos

Producción / Producers

Julián Lara

Intérpretes / Cast

Lee de Broux (Priest),

Rod Amalia Holl (Lisa),

Kevin Hoffer (Joseph Hunter)

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

The House of Films

Federico Gutiérrez 26 1-B

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